2012 – The positives

In an attempt to inject some positivity into my blog, I thought I’d try to remind myself of the positive things I achieved last year.

  • Recovered from a breakdown
  • Haven’t cut since the 24th of May
  • Gradually threw out all of my blades
  • Got merits for all 6 of my first year modules at university
  • Managed to almost not care about what people thought of me whislt on holiday, despite my scars being visible (it was too hot for long sleeves and the psych nurse told me that exposure to the sun might help my scars to heal faster – though I don’t think it really worked).
  • Started to see a psychologist for CBT
  • Started reading CBT self-help books and doing the exercises in order to help myself
  • Lost ~6lbs through exercise and trying to eat more healthily

It’s not much, but better than nothing, I suppose. I hope I can achieve a lot more this year.

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