Somewhat disappointing

Yay, I finally have the time to post something! There are a lot of different things that I’ve been meaning to write about on here for a while now but I’ve been really busy lately. I’m going to try and write 3 or 4 posts over the course of this weekend.


It was my sister’s leaving party last Saturday night. I had been dreading it because I hate parties and was kept up until about 3 in the morning last time, with drunken people leaving food and drink all over our room and giving me no peace. I had the feeling that regardless of whether I tried to hide in our room or actually try to brave the party and talk to people, I’d still end up feeling terrible afterwards. My counsellor encouraged me to actually join in with everyone and said that – because it was a costume party – I’d be more inclined to actually talk to people if I felt that I was somewhat in disguise. I disagreed with this but wanted to try at least just being there, if nothing else. My sister had invited 18 people but – unfortunately for her but perhaps luckily for me – only 5 turned up. I didn’t really join in with them as such – they were playing drinking games and I apparently wasn’t allowed to join in (even if I had wanted to) anyway. I did manage to talk to one of her friends (who I’ve known since we were quite young) a little bit though. I was quite relieved that there was only a small number of people. I don’t think I’d ever have managed being around lots of people my own age for any length of time anyway. But I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get to try it out.

Someone from the SA meetup group organised another meet for last Sunday. It was at the same place café as the last meet, but when I got there, the windows had been papered over and there was a large sign saying “Closed until further notice”. The café doesn’t have a website or anything so there was no way that anyone could have found this out without going there. There was no one there when I arrived so I messaged everyone, asking if anyone was still in town and wanted to meet up somewhere else. No one replied. I just wandered around the Meadows and the museum a bit before going home. I was quite annoyed and disappointed that it had been another wasted trip. I haven’t really had the best of luck with SA meets so far. The good news, however, is that I feel more confident walking around the museum, and I don’t get the ‘walk disturbance’ when I walk across the big hall there anymore. One of the people from the SA group (who I’ve talked to through facebook a couple of times) messaged me when I got home, saying that she and the organiser had met up and went somewhere else, and that she was sorry that they had missed me. There is another meet organised for a few weeks’ time so hopefully I’ll have better luck with that one.

Sorry that this wasn’t exactly the most exciting or interesting of posts.


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