Uni interview

A couple of weeks after the Algarve trip, everyone on the module had to do an assessed interview. I was extremely nervous about this because I’d never been through a proper interview before, so I was certain that I would fail because of my anxiety. I was so anxious about the interview that I got hardly any sleep during the night beforehand and felt sick constantly for the 14 or so hours leading up to it. I prepared thoroughly but decided against taking propranolol on this particular occasion because I find that it can sometimes slow me down a bit mentally. There were two tutors present during the interview – one doing the interviewing and one just listening – which made me even more anxious. I just tried to pretend that the tutor not asking the questions was not there. My eye contact wasn’t great but I did manage to answer the first few questions without stumbling over my words. My mind went completely blank after being asked the last question, which I found highly embarrassing because it was a fairly simple question. For some reason, I just could not think of anything coherent to say at the time. I ended up ruminating over my poor response to the last question for a while, but I was very relieved when the interview was over.

I actually ended up scoring a first-class mark for the interview, which was a huge surprise. I’d been worrying for weeks in advance that I’d perform so badly that I’d fail the module. In hindsight, I’m glad that I got the experience of doing an assessed interview because it helped me feel a bit better prepared for my first proper job interview (more on this later) and it’s generally just a good set of skills to practise. I surprised myself by being able to not only get through it, but to also get a high mark.

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