Social Anxiety on This Morning — wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe

I just wanted to share this, just in case anyone missed it the other week there. The author of wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe discusses her own experiences with social anxiety, and her new book (a guide to coping with and beating social anxiety). I found this incredibly inspiring, and will definitely be reading her book at some point in the near future. It’s refreshing to see a book written by an actual social anxiety sufferer, for other social anxiety sufferers, rather than by a mental health professional who thinks that they understand but have no first-hand experience of the condition. It’s also very inspiring to see her coming across as so calm and composed on live TV, despite her anxiety.

Yesterday I appeared on This Morning to talk about my book and my experiences with social anxiety. Was I nervous? Let’s just say that during the journey to ITV studios, I forced Dan to have a ridiculously in depth conversation about all the potential plot twists in Westworld. Literally EVERY single one. (It was 8:30am, […]

via This Morning – the day after… — wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe

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6 Responses to Social Anxiety on This Morning — wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe

  1. Moonbeam7 says:

    Social anxiety is a real condition

  2. Moonbeam7 says:

    I suffer from it as well. Some days are better than others. Planning events, out of the question

  3. Levente says:

    I really applaud her for going on national television and exposing herself in front of an audience like that. I’m sure it was challenging for her to do that and keep her composure throughout the shooting.

    Also, I love the title of her book, “wE’Re AlL mAd HeRe.” It reminds me of this quote that I jotted down a long time ago: “Keep your head up. Anyone that is not anxious, in this crazy world, is the one not paying attention.” I don’t rememger who said it, but it’s something that always makes me smile. 🙂

  4. Waiting for the next update, hope it’s coming soon

  5. Reblogged this on HOT COCOA AND POTATO SALAD and commented:
    thank you Gemma for posting this. Too good not to reblog. Just so relatable.

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