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Back on the autism/ depression merry-go-round

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes And tell me when it rains And I’ll blend up that rainbow above you And shoot it through your veins ‘Cause your heart has a lack of colour And we should’ve known That … Continue reading

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My First Date

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” – Charlie Chaplin Just in case you ever thought YOU were awkward… It was a cold but sunny day in early December 2016. One of the men … Continue reading

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Guided Tour

Following on from my last post, for the second of the dreaded oral presentations, everyone in my class had to give a 20-minute guided tour of part of a museum to a group of 5-7 other classmates and a tutor. … Continue reading

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My Neck, My Back, My Social Anxiety Attack

I mentioned in my last post that the first term of my master’s had pushed me to the edge with my anxiety. Two solo public speaking assignments were to blame. For the first of these, we each had to give … Continue reading

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In case you wanted to know what having high-functioning anxiety is like in song form. I’ve felt like this throughout much of my master’s. I hide it pretty well sometimes.  Hi everyone. I’m sorry that I haven’t posted on here … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 4

During our 2-hour conversation, my dad’s partner also said to me (regarding my anxiety) “If you have a problem, maybe you should go to the doctors. Have you never thought to work on that?” I just wanted to launch into … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 3

Out of the things my dad’s partner listed that were annoying him about me, there was nothing I had done any different to anyone else in my family. In fact, in some ways my siblings could be considered more disrespectful … Continue reading

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