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WTF? – Part 3

Out of the things my dad’s partner listed that were annoying him about me, there was nothing I had done any different to anyone else in my family. In fact, in some ways my siblings could be considered more disrespectful … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 2

I apologise for the complete train wreck of a post that follows. I think this may the longest post I’v ever written on this blog. I had to split it into two posts because wordpress kept crashing! After 2 days … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 1

I mentioned in my last post that my dad’s partner had treated me badly during the family holiday to Florida. He and my dad had apparently fought constantly while we were on holiday, presumably due to the strain of trying … Continue reading

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Family Secrets

This is going to be a very long post. About a month before the family holiday to Florida last May that I mentioned in a previous post, I found out that my dad and his “flatmate” were in a relationship … Continue reading

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Life is Good (update)

I suppose I should begin this post with an apology – sorry for being a bad blogger! I’m finding full-time work (still at my supermarket job) much less stressful, but much more physically exhausting, than university – I seem to … Continue reading

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My anxieties have anxieties

Despite having more good days over the last couple of months, my anxiety has also been really bad at times, and I’ve been worrying about my future a lot. Even though I only work at the stables one day a week … Continue reading

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