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Social Anxiety Disorder: A Day in the Life (University)

What follows is a post that I wrote a couple of years ago now, for another site, but was never published. I’ve decided to post it on here while I’m working on mega-updates on everything that has happened in my … Continue reading

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To Be Someone Else…

What would it take for you to notice I am a heart on fire, and all the world’s a fuse So don’t get close Trouble and the worth Am I better off on my own? – ‘Methadone’ by Rise Against I … Continue reading

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A Furkin Rotten Time

I’ve just returned to work after a 2 week holiday. It was good to have a break, even though all I did/ have been doing is getting back into doing regular exercise/ trying to lose a bit of weight, and … Continue reading

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Still alive…I think

First of all, thank you to everyone who has emailed me or commented on my blog since my last post. I’ve been so busy with university and the mail sorting job (which have been taking up every waking minute of … Continue reading

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Well that was weird…

After the first 3 days of the year, I was worried that another severe depressive episode was on its way but it seemed to go away as quickly as it appeared. It was horrible to feel that way again, even … Continue reading

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A quick update

*Exhale* I don’t really know where to begin. I have so many updates to write on here but I really haven’t been in much of a writing mood lately. I lack the energy, motivation and mental clarity. My mood has … Continue reading

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Descent into the darkness

I’m finally done with coursework for this semester at uni and will now hopefully have more time to update my blog. I’ve got quite a lot of things to write about. ******************************************************************************* My mood has taken quite a dramatic nose … Continue reading

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