Museum meetup

Last week’s meetup went fairly well – or at least far better than the last one. There were 5 us this time. We met at the museum and looked around for a couple of hours while chatting to each other. I’m still not great at talking to the men there, though I did manage to have a brief conversation with one of them about my interview. I mostly talked to the organiser though, who I’m starting to get a bit more friendly with. So it went well and I enjoyed it overall.

My job interview is tomorrow and I’m currently freaking out about it. I’ll use it as an opportunity to give the propranolol a test run before next week’s presentation (which will cause an even bigger panic). I don’t feel anywhere near as prepared for this as I should be. Goodness knows what state I’m going to be in tomorrow morning.

I got back from my residential field trip on Friday. It gave me some very mixed feelings, but mostly made me feel worse about a lot of things. I did manage to make some progress while I was there though. There will be a (probably very long) post on this to come when I have the time to write it.

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