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A Depressive Rant

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another brain dump! Also, I’ve finally set up a twitter account for this blog, so feel free to follow. A lot of the people whose blogs I used to follow haven’t been active in … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 4

During our 2-hour conversation, my dad’s partner also said to me (regarding my anxiety) “If you have a problem, maybe you should go to the doctors. Have you never thought to work on that?” I just wanted to launch into … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 3

Out of the things my dad’s partner listed that were annoying him about me, there was nothing I had done any different to anyone else in my family. In fact, in some ways my siblings could be considered more disrespectful … Continue reading

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WTF? – Part 2

I apologise for the complete train wreck of a post that follows. I think this may the longest post I’v ever written on this blog. I had to split it into two posts because wordpress kept crashing! After 2 days … Continue reading

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“Run, fatty, run!”

When I was in first and second year of high school, my dad would finish work early on Friday, pick up my younger siblings from their primary school, and sometimes treat us to a takeaway lunch or something out of … Continue reading

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It Never Goes Away

  Quick update post. I’m not doing so well at the moment. I keep meaning to post regularly now that I may soon finally have the time, though my ability to write has very much gone downhill since I stopped posting … Continue reading

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Sad But True

The memory now is like the picture was then, When the paper’s crumpled up it can’t be perfect again – ‘Forgotten’ by Linkin Park If someone tells you something – whether that be that you’re ugly, worthless, a freak, no … Continue reading

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Nothing Works Part 2

I’ve been feeling very suicidal over the last few days. I was actually feeling great just earlier this week, but I’m a complete wreck at the moment. I keep thinking about the all the propranolol and diazepam I have stored … Continue reading

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I apologise for the big rant that follows. And I apologise for being so angry/ bitter throughout much of this post.  Following on from the awful week I just had, one of the night managers at work upset me yesterday. … Continue reading

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Self-loathing session

Nobody likes you Everyone left you They’re all out without you, Having fun – ‘Letterbomb’ by Green Day I had another awful day at work today (I’m not exactly having the best week), and did something really embarrassing/ mortifying, which … Continue reading

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